Apple, Amazon’s first fitness band to compete with Fitbit.

Apple, Amazon's first fitness band to compete with Fitbit.

Apple, Amazon’s first fitness band to compete with Fitbit.

Competition in the growing fitness tracker market continues to grow. And Apple, Fitbit, and Samsung are dominating there. E-commerce giant Amazon has been added to share that dominance. On Thursday the company unveiled their first fitness band and app Halo. News Reuters.

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The Halo band did not bring a display screen like their rival gazette. It will cost 99.99 dollars, but users will have to spend 3.99 dollars per month to use the app.

Although new to the market, Amazon has brought new technology to their gadget. Halo will analyze the user’s voice during the conversation through this technology called hard voice analysis. If the feature is turned on, the microphone speaker will be able to detect various feelings such as pleasure, confusion, or attraction.

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Users may have doubts about privacy, but Amazon says the technology has been developed to protect privacy.

The waterproof band will last for seven days on one charge. There are accelerometers, temperature sensors, heart rate sensors, and even body fat.


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