Emergency checklist for buying a laptop

Emergency checklist for buying a laptop

Emergency checklist for buying a laptop

Work from home is almost impossible without a laptop. Here are some tips for those who want to buy a laptop to work from home in Corona’s situation.

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The ‘unlock’ episode has started after an extended lockdown. conveyance is being introduced gradually. Government and personal offices have also opened. But because the Corona situation is occupation the entire country, many of us need to work from home albeit they open an office. Schools and colleges also are closed thanks to corona. it’s difficult to mention now when things are going to be normal and when the scholars will return to high school with backpacks. Not necessarily counting on that laptop or tablet.

At the instant, the laptop market is booming everywhere in the country, including Dhaka, Bangladesh. consistent with vendors at electronics showrooms in various districts of the country, including Dhaka, the demand for laptops has suddenly picked up! The manager of an electronics mall in IDB Bhaban, Agargaon, Dhaka, said, “Earlier within the day, our store wont to sell three laptops at different prices. Now the amount has come down from six to seven. Sales of smartphones have quite doubled since the top of the lockdown. ”Who is buying these? “In most cases, parents are buying smartphones and laptops for his or her children to review,” he said. Many of them are buying after knowing the specifications of the phone-laptop from us consistent with the requirements of the youngsters.

Many buyers are complaining that they’re not getting the laptop of their choice online. Most of the time, when buying a laptop from popular online sites, it shows ‘out of stock’. there’s just one easy solution during this case: either await the model of your option to come on the web site or buy an appropriate laptop from the retail showroom to extend the value within the gadget sector.

But there are a couple of things to stay in mind about the brand and model of the laptop you’ll buy …

Laptop screen

Due to the Corona situation, many of us do the required work on the home using the remote-access of the office computer. So buy a brand of laptop, confirm that the screen was maybe a little bigger. Because the desktop you’re wont to work within the office, its screen is of course larger than the screen of the laptop. As a result, when performing on a little screen laptop, you’ve got to repeatedly move the screen up and down. So buy a laptop with an enormous screen for the convenience of labor.

Battery backup (Emergency checklist for buying a laptop)

Find out intimately how long the laptop gives battery backup. Incidentally, ‘normal’ quality new laptops have A battery backup of around two and a half hours after a full recharge. If you would like to urge more battery backup than this, you’ll reduce the brightness of the screen touch. this may reduce the value of the battery. When buying a laptop online, don’t blindly believe the varied ‘claims’ of the corporate, but also check out the reviews. you furthermore may get to skills long you’ll work safely albeit there’s a sudden load shedding.


Try to buy a laptop with a minimum of four GB of RAM. By installing Windows-Ten, you’ll easily compose texts, create excel-sheets or email. However, when it involves heavy work, like graphics or page design, it’s better to shop for a laptop with 8 GB of RAM. you’ll get a four GB laptop of a reasonably mobile brand for 20-25 thousand rupees. However, if you would like to shop for an eight GB laptop, then it’s better to stay around 30 thousand rupees.


Try to buy a laptop with a minimum of 500 GB storage. With this amount of memory, you’ll easily save any paperwork document. However, if you would like to save lots of tons of documents on the laptop, then it’s better to shop for a laptop with 1 TB storage.


Before buying, confirm that the laptop’s touchpad is ‘moderate’. The touchpad of some laptops is extremely sensitive, while the touchpad of some laptops may be a bit hard. When buying, confine mind that performing on a laptop with a moderate touchpad is more convenient and allows you to figure faster.

Graphics card

If you’re professionally involved in graphics work, determine if the laptop has an in-built graphics card. By the way, laptops with in-built graphics cards usually cost a touch more. therein case you’ll buy a laptop that has the choice to insert a graphics card later. Then buy a graphics card of an honest brand as per some time and opportunity and stick it on your laptop. this may reduce your costs.


Whether showroom or online, wherever you purchase a laptop, confirm it’s well sanitized before you begin using it. Wipe the laptop with a bit of cotton soaked during a non-sticky sanitizer. After a couple of minutes, wipe the entire device a second time with another dry soft cloth. Just remember, no sanitizer is required on any a part of the USB pod of your Sadh Lapi. If so, there’ll be a risk of short-circuit.

If buying a laptop for the subsequent few months’ work-from-home needs may be a little bit of a luxury, you’ll rent a laptop on a monthly basis. the simplest thanks to doing that are to travel to an outsized retail showroom in your area and talk directly. There are many showrooms across the state, including Kolkata, those rent laptops on a monthly basis. counting on the model, brand, and configuration, the monthly rent usually ranges from two to four and a half thousand rupees. you’ll also get pre-installed laptops online or in showrooms. during this Windows-Ten version, you’ll get every application of Microsoft Office. However, the worth of pre-installed laptops may be a little higher. And if you’re keen on taking note of music or watching movies, buy two good brand external speakers rather than counting on the standard of the laptop’s inbuilt speakers. it’ll cost less.

Emergency checklist for buying a laptop

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