Facebook wants to take the place of tick tock

New features are being added to Facebook

Facebook wants to take the place of tick-tock

TickTock, a small video sharing platform, has become hugely popular. In this case, there is no organization close to their competition. However, bans in India and pressure from the United States have created huge opportunities for other companies to share videos. Tiktak’s alternative apps are now available in the Google Play Store. This time the Facebook authorities are floating in the current. The company is going to add a video ticking feature in the Facebook app.

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Technology analysts say Facebook has mimicked many popular features recently. Earlier, many popular features of Snapchat have been added to Facebook. This time the tick-tock feature is being added. Although Facebook has not made an official announcement about this, expert Matt Navara has leaked about testing with features like TickTock.

Facebook has already added a feature to share short videos called Reels on Instagram, which they already own. This time such a feature can be added to the main Facebook app. The experiment is going on. Its interface and functions are much like a tick. The user has to scroll to watch the next video.

Facebook has not officially announced the feature of adding videos like TickTock. However, they will want to give the opportunity of the absence of tickling in important markets. At present, they have also started testing this feature in India.

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Videos can be created by adding music like tick-tock to the Instagram reels. In addition, it has the opportunity to record and edit 15 seconds of video. There are also opportunities for other people to use audio. The video can be found on the Reels tab on the Instagram profile. The story of the reels posted in the store will last for 24 hours.

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