Facebook will warn if you share old news


They will warn you to share the news that’s quite three months old on Facebook’s timeline. However, Facebook won’t stop posting news. If you would like to share old news, you’ve got to travel through two steps. In other words, the news poster on Facebook has got to be told that the post he’s getting to share is a minimum of 90 days old.

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Facebook authorities hope that if people are informed about old news, they will at least stop sharing old news on FB . His followers will not get the wrong idea about the news. Soon, FB will open the feature for all users globally.

According to a politician blog post on Facebook, news publishers have expressed concern over the spread of old news on Facebook. Because, through social media, many of us create old situations by sharing old news. that’s why many publishers try to spot old news on their websites to stop the abuse.

According to Facebook, if you click on any news share that’s quite three months old, a notification button will appear. If it deems, it relevant, the user can share it.

Facebook, on the opposite hand, recently added a security feature to its messenger platform to stop scams in conversations with strangers. If you see anything suspicious within the conversation, you’ll see a security notice on Messenger. additionally, to preventing such activities, there’ll even be suggestions to dam someone.

Along with Facebook, Twitter authorities have also talked about new security measures on Android devices. If anyone wants to share the news, Twitter will explain it. Recently, thanks to fake news and various criticisms about the account, the Twitter authorities became very strict about these issues.

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