Google will pay the news service publishers


Google will pay for the media outlet. Alphabet in Corporate Google is coming up with a new feature like this. It is known that the company will bring this feature at the end of the year. Because a huge amount of business is relying on search engines.

This Lions agreement will be introduced in three countries first. Google has spoken to more than six publishers. The service will feature stories from selected publishers in Google News, among other features of the news collection.

Brad Bender, Google’s vice president, wrote in the post that the feature would allow the company to deliver “high quality news or stories.” Google has not disclosed the financial terms or when the new service will be launched.

“This program will transform the partners’ published storytelling experience. It will help them to make their content easier to reach and retain a specific audience. ”

For years, media companies have been trying to capture digital advertising on their news portals. As a result, Google is facing criticism. Google’s new service will be launched in three countries, Germany, Australia and Brazil. Where the company has faced competition allegations.

Facebook is Google’s main competitor in digital advertising. The agency said that in October it would start paying publishers appearing in a news section on social networks.

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