A great app for voice typing

voice typing app

A great app for voice typing

There was a time with typewriters. At that time people used to write typewriting skills as an additional qualification in the job CV. Then came computers, here too typing speed would make a difference among job seekers. People used to learn word processor or excel work in a separate office course. Even some government offices still have a post called Computer Operator.

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But with age, human skills have increased. People now learn typing with fun tricks. And speed? Needless to say. Moreover, this generation does not have to do office courses separately, they can just type. The main reason for this is the easy availability of laptops or PCs.

But even then people find comfort. How much easier all the work goes. An example of this is voice typing technology. This technology can be typed orally. Tech giant Google has been providing such services in a limited way for a long time.

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But now voice type means an app to convert words into text, with the help of which words can be converted into text in more than 40 languages. Most notably, its accuracy is above 90 percent! Moreover, this app can convert about 80 percent of the world’s languages ‚Äč‚Äčinto text. The pro version of this app called ‘Dictanote’ is very accurate. And if you want, you can go to their web and verify the method of converting words into text. It doesn’t cost any money, just log in with Facebook or Gmail. The spellings of the Bengali language are spelled correctly, while this author has verified himself. And the way to copy it is also quite simple, it can be copied with one click. You can use punctuation at your convenience. Can write without the mouse, keyboard. You can also use the mouse or keyboard together with the words if you want.

This app is not a free app, you have to spend 19 dollars to get it. What do you think? In fact, the price was 180 dollars! Now, this effective app will be available for 19 dollars with an 89 percent discount on offer.

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