India shuts down 59 Chinese apps including TickTock

Tiktok Banned India

India shuts down 59 Chinese apps including TickTock

The government has packed up 59 Chinese apps in India, including TicTac and WeChat. These apps are packed up, accusing them of being dangerous for the country, BBC Online reported on Tuesday. a press release from the govt of India said, “These apps are detrimental to India’s sovereignty and integrity, India’s defense, state security, and public order.”

Among the apps that India has shut down is the popular app WeChat in India.

The closure of the app will further increase the strain between the 2 countries, which are at issue over the border.

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Tensions have risen this week after 20 Indian soldiers were killed in a border clash in Ladakh on June 15. Both China and India have gathered troops on the border. Artificial satellite images show China building new infrastructure along the border.

India’s Ministry of data Technology says it’s pack up 59 Chinese apps due to complaints from various sources. These apps are stealing information and transferring it.

ByteDanm, the parent company of TickTock, is headquartered in Beijing and has spread worldwide since it became popular in China. As its popularity grew, so did its criticism. Tiktak has been the foremost criticized within us. Several senators have called for an investigation. Tiktak vehemently denied the allegations.

The list of closed apps in India includes microblogging platform Web, Game Clash of Kings, Alibaba’s UC Browser, e-commerce app Club Factory, etc.

According to a report in the Times of India, India shut down 59 apps a day before the third round of border tensions between China and India.

India’s Ministry of data Technology said it had received recommendations from the Indian Cyber Crime Coordination Center and therefore the Home Ministry.

In addition to shutting down the app, the Indian government has canceled the Chinese company’s Forge network update and railway network contracts within the country. it’s also instructed to prevent selling Chinese products on e-commerce platforms.

Experts in India say the app ban might be a serious blow to China’s ambitious digital silk route. this may reduce the valuation of Chinese companies. India’s move to shut the app can now be followed by other countries.

No comment was received from China regarding the closure of the app.


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