Microsoft has filed a lawsuit in the name of Apple

Microsoft has filed a lawsuit in the name of Apple.

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Microsoft has recently filed a lawsuit against Apple. The lawsuit was probably funded by Apple’s developer, who said that removing Fortnite from the game would hurt Microsoft’s game business.

The lawsuit was filed in a U.S. court on Sunday (August 23rd). There this information is mentioned in the document. A Reuters report has come up with such information.

The lawsuit was probably funded by Epic Games and Apple.

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Earlier, the company removed the game from the Apple Store because it violated Apple’s terms in the transaction of the bill paid by the customer when buying the game from the Apple Store.

According to Epic Games, Apple has threatened to disqualify Apple from using the tool, despite having a license for the “Unreal Engine” used to enhance the game’s graphics.

Kevin Gammill, general manager of Microsoft’s gaming developer Experience, said that Microsoft has largely licensed Apple’s Unreal engine.

Nicolas Penwarden, vice president of Epic Games, said the company was waiting for a court order not to remove Epic Games from the developer’s account.

Apple, on the other hand, said that if Epic Games amended its billing policy to sell apps from its App Store, Apple would change its mind.


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