New features are being added to Facebook

New features are being added to Facebook

New features are being added to Facebook

A new feature goes to be added to the favored social media Facebook. a replacement music video section is being launched on Facebook. Facebook users within us will get the advantage of this new feature in the week.

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The company announced the new official section for Facebook’s Watch platform on Saturday (August 1).

This section of Facebook is being launched just for music videos or video streaming. Until now, YouTube has dominated this category. This time, Facebook is entering a troublesome competition with YouTube. Facebook has already struck an affect several music companies.

Not only movie songs, ghazals, church music, hymns, pop-including many popular songs are during this list. Now countless people around the world on the company’s platform are going to be ready to hear their favorite songs on Facebook and Instagram mediums.

Facebook has struck deals with several companies, including Sony Music, Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, and BMG, for the music video. The move is aimed toward expanding Facebook’s watch platform.

New features are being added to Facebook


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