Outsourcing: What, Where, and How?

Outsourcing: What, Where, and How?

Outsourcing: What, Where, and How?

Outsourcing is one of the best occupations of the present time. The main advantage of outsourcing is to earn more in less time. But to be a successful freelancer, you need to prove your skills as well as your qualifications. There are a few more qualities you need to have, such as a working mind, humanity, confidence, patience, and honesty. Only then can it be done well.

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The basic meaning of the word outsourcing is freelance. That is the profession of earning money by working freely. And to put it a little simpler, different organizations do different kinds of work through the system of the internet. Outsourcing is the act of doing these things with someone other than your own organization. Those who do outsourcing work are called freelancers.

In outsourcing sites or online marketplaces, the work is divided into different sections. Such as web development, software development, networking and information systems, writing and translation, administrative support, design and multimedia, customer service, sales and marketing, business, etc.

Everything you need to outsource:

  1. Computers / Laptops,
  2. Internet connection / modem,
  3. Some work skills,
  4. Enough time.

Think about what you have. Everyone has numbers 1, 2, and 4 but not everyone has number 3. That is why we need to make ourselves efficient. If the above 4 things can be confirmed, let’s go further. . .

Now open an account in any one marketplace. When opening an account, fill in your personal address, email, phone number, etc. correctly. After opening the account, you need to go to your profile and create a CV. There you have to mention what you are good at and what your needs are. You can also give a link to your website there. Remember, the more beautiful and attractive your profile is, the more likely you are to get a job. So try to make the profile as interesting as possible. Create a profile in such a way that the client can trust you just by looking at your profile.

When you have finished creating the profile, take a look around the sites. Do not offer work for the first few days of the account opening. Especially in the first 4-5 days, you can see the various features of the site. Take a good look at the rules and regulations of the site, facilities, etc. It will be convenient to work later.

Then slowly start proposing. In the first case, it is a little late to get the job done. It may take 15-20 days. So you have to be patient. When you can finish the first 2-3 tasks well, you don’t have to look back. Then the client will find you for work.

Important to know: Outsourcing: What, Where, and How?

There are some important things to keep in mind while working. For your convenience, some important issues are discussed below.

  1. Rating / Feedback:

After completing a task, the client will review the work and give you a-1-5 feedback considering the work efficiency and other aspects. This feedback can be seen by everyone in your profile job history. By looking at your feedback, other clients will understand how much skill you have on that job. So you have to have the humanity to do as good as possible. Try to keep 4.5-5 rating feedback. Then you don’t have to worry about work later.

  1. Ranking:

Marketplaces have a ranking of freelancers. When a client finds a freelancer on that site for his cause, this ranking shows the list of freelancers. If your ranking is bad, it will show you at the end of the search. Your average rating in Rent-a-Coder determines your position based on how much work you have done and how many hours you have worked. It plays a very important role in getting jobs like ranking and rating.

  1. Working Hours:

The client is given a specific time to finish the work. This is called a deadline. Try to finish the work as soon as possible. If you ever feel like you can’t finish the job in time, let the client know before you start. If you can’t submit the work on time then you may not get any payment and the client may give you a bad rating/feedback. So be careful about this.

Bangladesh’s position in outsourcing:

Bangladesh is gradually advancing in outsourcing income. Considering the low cost and risk, many big companies in Europe-America and the developed world are now outsourcing from developing countries like Bangladesh. As a result, Bangladesh is becoming a major source of freelancing employment. Freelancing jobs range from computer programming to web design, tax report preparation, and search engine optimization. Freelancing has become the preferred career of many Bangladeshis in the global market.
Freelancing has become much easier for the youth of this country.

According to Oxford Internet Institute-OII, Bangladesh has now become the second-largest country in the world in terms of online labor supply. At present, there are six lakh 50 thousand registered freelancers in this country. About five lakh of them are working regularly.

According to the ICT Division of Bangladesh, they are earning 100 million annually. India is the world’s leading provider of online labor. India accounts for 24 percent of global freelance workers, followed by Bangladesh with 16 percent of the world’s freelancers. US freelancers are in third place with 12 percent. Each country is emphasizing different types of outsourcing.

Source- http://www.newsinallday.info

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