The smartwatch will act as a pulse oximeter

smartwatch will act as a pulse oximeter

The smartwatch will act as a pulse oximeter

In the case of wearable technology, smartwatches or smartwatches are quite popular. Because through this we are able to monitor our personal health. One of the advantages of such a smartwatch is that it displays the heartbeat rate.

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Huawei has come up with a new smartwatch and phone

In addition, this time the technology company Huawei has added important healthcare to the smartwatch. The Blood Oxygen Saturation (SPO 2) monitoring feature has been added for the first time to the new model smartwatch ‘Watch GT-2E’ of the Watch GT series. Through which the level of oxygen in the blood can be known.

In addition to blood pressure and heart rate, Blood Oxygen Saturation (SPO2) is one of the health monitoring tests. it’s usually measured with a blood gas (ABG) test and a pulse oximeter. However, this point the new smartwatch will measure the extent of oxygen within the blood with the assistance of a fanatical SPO2IA sensor.

In addition, with the assistance of physical exercises, the Watch GT2E will have 100 sorts of workout modes. There are 15 sorts of professional workout modes. Of which 6 outdoor activities and eight indoor activities help. additionally, there are 65 sorts of workout modes in six categories of sports. In these cases, the smartwatch will store a spread of monitoring data, including total workout time, calorie loss, and exercise improvement.

For entertainment, this smartwatch can store about five hundred music. These can be enjoyed with Bluetooth headphones and Huawei music during practice. Various notifications including SMS, e-mail, social media will be available in this watch. The GT-2E smartwatch with a 1.39-inch Amyloid display is priced at taka 13,499.


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