Pay special attention to avoid Google Adsense ban: Be careful

Google Adsense Approval

Pay special attention to avoid Google Adsense ban: Be careful

Google Adsense is my first choice for internet income. The current demand for AdSense is increasing day by day due to the good rate of revenue related to content related ads and clicks. At present in many countries, Google Adsense is not approving if it is not a good quality site or blog.

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Where it is difficult to get AdSense and if AdSense is banned due to not knowing something about it, then the humanity of the mind is lost. And if the right vision is not given in this matter, then Adsense will be banned for sure. A guide for publishers whose AdSense is banned. Let’s start without exaggerating.

To avoid AdSense ban, follow these steps:

  • Refrain from clicking on your own ad
  • Don’t be tempted to click on the ad on your site.
  • Do not place Adsense ads on pornography type sites and hacking sites
  • No Violent, Gambling or Casino and Sales of Weapons related content can be placed on the site which is considered illegal by Google.
  • Ads can not be placed on such sites after copyright law.
  • Google wants content and in fact, good quality unique content, so excessive copypaste is often liable for banning AdSense.
  • Do not place ads on pages without content and do not use hidden text and links on the page.
  • Please refrain from posting ads on sites written in languages ​​that do not support Google. For which Adsense may be banned.
  • Never place a Google ad with a photo. Google never supports it again, which may be the reason for banning AdSense.
  • AdSense is responsible for banning the use of additional keywords and the same keywords over and over again and using different keywords without subject matter.
  • Do not inspire visitors to click on the ad through various writings (Click here, Click this).
  • Pay special attention to the above to avoid AdSense ban InshaAllah: Your AdSense will be protected. Stay well. If you’ve got the other questions, please let me know.


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