The Bengali language was added to Uber

Uber added The Bengali language

The Bengali language was added to Uber

For the convenience of drivers and passengers, Uber has added Bangla language in the app. Drivers can change the language of the app to ‘Bangla’ by changing the ‘App Language’ settings. Passengers can also use the Bengali version of the Uber app by changing the settings of their smartphones from ‘English’ to ‘Bangla’.

Speaking on the new language version of the app, Uber’s head of Bangladesh and East India, Ratul Ghosh, said, “We believe that technology is constantly improving our services as well as providing convenient solutions for local customers as needed.” Drivers are extremely important to Uber and are in constant contact with them. Based on their feedback, we’ve realized that it’s important to bring in a local language version for an uninterrupted app experience. We are very happy to add Bangla language to the Uber app in Bangladesh and hope that this version will be convenient for both the driver and the passenger. ‘

How drivers can change language settings on their Android smartphones:
  • Select ‘Account’ from the options of the app
  • Then you have to click on the ‘App Language’ option
  • Now you have to select ‘Bangla (Bangladesh)’
  • You need to confirm the change of language by clicking on the change option. When the language changes, the new language settings will be seen in the Uber app Bangla.


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