Using Twitter can cost money


Using Twitter can cost money

Twitter is considering launching a subscription model. The user has got to spend a particular amount of cash to use this platform. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey recently hinted at launching a subscription model when investors report the company’s marginal earnings. He says they’re still within the early stages of a model for using Twitter for money. This information has been informed in a report on the technology website The Verge.

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Jack Dorsey said, ‘We have set a goal to extend sustainable income. we’d like to extend our income in several ways. However, it’ll be more important if our advertising business finds how to supplement any income. We see subscriptions as a complementary model, “said Jack Dorsey. we’d like to extend our income in several ways. However, it’ll be more important if our advertising business finds how to supplement any income. We see the subscription as a complementary model. “

Dorsey said if people were to use Twitter for money, it might need to be taken to an area like that.

It is unknown at this point what he will do after leaving the post. But Dorsey says he will run some experiments this year. a little team has been formed to conduct this test and new staff has been recruited for this team.

Twitter recently announced their second quarter, this year, April-June earnings estimates. At the time, the company had earned 63 million, which is 19 percent less than in the second quarter of last year. At this time, Twitter’s advertising revenue has decreased by 23 percent.

Twitter authorities say their management has completed the work of making technology. this may allow the event of Twitter to be done faster. additionally, the corporate has added several benefits for app developers.

Twitter has been discussed in various activities for quite a while. one of the foremost talked-about events within the technology world over the past week has been the hacking of Twitter accounts folks Rathi-Maharathis. The followers of those individuals and organizations have lost about 1 lakh 17 thousand US dollars. The hacked list includes Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden. Other billionaires include Elon Musk, chief executive of the electric carmaker, Jeff Bezos, co-founder of Amazon, Warren Buffett, one among the world’s richest men, and Mike Bloomberg, the previous mayor of latest York. Among them are television star Kim Kardashian, her husband, and rapper Kenny West. These accounts are hacked simultaneously.

Incumbent President Donald Trump’s account is unbroken. The list also includes the official accounts of technology company Apple and global ride-sharing company Uber. the interior team of Twitter is investigating the incident of this hack.

Twitter, one among the world’s leading social media platforms, has banned all sorts of political advertising. Jack Dorsey said, ‘While internet advertising plays an incredibly strong and effective role for commercial advertisers, it also carries significant risks in politics. Such a message is going to be received. ‘

Trump threatened anti-apartheid protesters after a Black man, George Floyd, was killed in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Twitter authorities covered the tweet with a warning, saying it had been provocative of violence.


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