Viber can create its own GIF


The popular messaging app Viber has recently launched the GIF Creator feature. This feature allows users to create fun GIFs and send them to friends and family.

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This new feature can be used for group video calls as well as group chats and group voice calls.

To create a GIF, you can record short videos with the app’s camera, or select a video from the gallery to create a legendary looping GIF with the boomerang, fast play, or reverse mode. To convert a video to GIF, you need to cut the video and select the appropriate part for the GIF. Choose a play mode for GIF – reverse mode, slow play, and double or quadruple loud play from Boomerang for endless looping. Besides, the new GIF can be given a different look with different fonts and colors, as well as doodles or stickers that can be made.

Commenting on the new feature, Viber’s Chief Operating Officer After Yal said, “Viber is committed to ensuring that users can express their thoughts in a variety of ways through instant messaging in the current adverse times.” If a word can be meant by using emoji; However, the whole sentence can be explained with GIF and sticker. With the customization facility, communication through Viber’s GIF will be easier and more accurate than before. ‘

Viber has recently launched the GIF Creator feature for iOS devices. It is said that it will be launched on Android very soon.


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