Wearing a mask will encourage Facebook-Instagram


Wearing a mask will encourage Facebook-Instagram

Coronavirus infections are on the rise in the United States. In this situation, you should wear a mask when you go out. But many are not following this rule. Facebook will, therefore, advise people to mask. This was informed by Facebook on Thursday.

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Facebook authorities said users would also see a warning on the feed on their main Facebook site, Instagram, where masks would be encouraged and users would be sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site to provide additional information.

According to the US media CNBC, Facebook has taken this decision as the infection of the corona is increasing in the United States. According to Johns Hopkins University, the number of infected patients in the country has exceeded 2.7 million.

This is a recent initiative of Facebook in an attempt to stop the spread of Corona. Earlier in January, after the World Health Organization declared the coronavirus an epidemic, Facebook decided to remove the fake information about it. Facebook has been warning people since April to like, comment, or share any harmful posts related to coronavirus.

Facebook, on the other hand, has angered advertisers for not removing hate speech on their site. More than 500 advertisers have boycotted the Facebook platform over the hate speech. Big companies like Coca-Cola, Unilever, Ford, Starbucks, Verizon announced the boycott of Facebook last week. The civil rights group called for a boycott of Facebook earlier this month for failing to address the controversial post of US President Donald Trump.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg says Facebook will not change its position. Advertisers will be back soon. Zuckerberg, however, wanted to sit down with the anti-Facebook activists.

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